The Artist and Producer Mirco Niemeier is a true Berliner of the old scene of his city. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he had the chance to live the open minded music revolution of these golden times and so he savored to the fullest. At this time he was inspired by synthesizer sounds of the 80´s & 90´s, which smooth the way forwards electronic music.


“Groove, melody, fat basslines, atmospherically sounds and unexpected stories” from house to techno: this is how we could sum-up the musical style of Mirco, influenced by a wide selection of producers and labels, including Âme, Steve Bug, Ricardo Villalobos, Robosonic, DJ Koze and labels like Poker Flat, Sonar Kollektiv, Perlon, Noir and Suara, among others. With accurate mixes, full of power and good vibes, his sessions will lead you to dance till the end!


Mirco has already released a whole bunch of ep´s and remixes for Metanoia, Circle Music, Whatiplay, Sunset Handjob, Off Recordings, Kindisch and more. He recently launched a brand new side project in collaboration with his fellow partner Beatamines, producing together under the moniker of Ektschn!, with two vinyl ep´s, signed on Super Flu’s label Sunset Handjob. So we can look forward to new projects and stuff, because boredom is a loanword for Mirco!


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Jan 03, 2019


Mirco Niemeier.

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